Why Certify?

Get Certified!

I’m often asked, “where can I find information on the ASQ Certification Exams?”. It’s a great question and let me share some tips on getting the most recent information here on the web.

The American Society for Quality (ASQ) website contains a wealth of information for its members. As member, you can get the latest information on:

  • the various certifications (e.g., CQE, CQA etc)
  • suggested study books
  • body of knowledge
  • exam dates for here in Toronto
  • online resources for study
  • the application form

Also, if you need to get the dates for upcoming exams here in Toronto, you can see the various options.

To obtain the information you need to get certified, visit the ASQ Website . Click on “ASQ Members Sign-In” and sign in using your member number and your password. Then click on the Certification tab for the latest information. If you can’t remember your password, click on “Forgot Your Password” for assistance.

If you’re not a member of ASQ, consider joining ASQ today. Your membership fee will reduce the cost of the Certification Exam and you will have access to the latest information to help you complete the Certification Exam Process!

Good luck with you certification quest!

E. Jerry Mings is a Senior Member of ASQ. He is a ASQ Certified Quality Manager and a ASQ Certified Quality Auditor. Jerry specializes in working with organizations in the heatlh care sector.

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