To contact us, please forward to the corresponding section chair. However, you are always welcome to send the inquiry to ASQ Toronto Section Chair or  . We are very glad to answer or forward to the right chair.

Section Executive

Chair: Rajendra Shah

Function as the chief executive officer of the division providing leadership and overall management to ensure that the defined division’s mission and goals are met.

Chair Elect: Kam Ho
Assits Chair in management of section long-term planning.

Vice Chair: Rogerio Boaventura

Along with the chair and Chair-Elect, works with the SLC to set goals/metrics that support the section management process.

Secretary: Angela Hashemi
Document section business and maintain records of the section. Serve as the official correspondent of the section.

Treasurer: Tri Lu
Oversee section funds. Maintain accurate section financial records. Report on financial condition of the section at times directed by the bylaws and policies and procedures. 

IMMEDIATE PAST CHAIR: Michael Mladjenovic
Mentors incoming Chair in section planning for the new term.


Nomination Committee Chair: Tonis Kilp

Coordinates and Manage all aspects of nomination process and supports succession process

Senior Advisor: Maurice Lake
Senior Advisor: Peter Merrill

Senior Advisor: Elizabeth McBride
Senior Advisor: Tonis Kilp
Senior Advisor: Kusam Kohli 
Advises and guides the SLC on best practices in an advisory capacity

Auditing Committee: Marion McGill

Coordinate and manage the audit of section financial information as determined by society policies and procedures.


Coordinates and manages section activities related to the ASQ certification / re-certification program.
CERTIFICATION co-Chair: Sandeep Sharma

Assists with the coordination and manages section activities related to the ASQ certification / re-certification program.

EDUCATION Chair: Stanley Aikoroje

Coordinates and manages section educational programs including conferences and/or special seminars.

EMPLOYMENT Assistance Chair: Savita Deshpande
Coordinates and manages members jobs and career programs and associated activities

MEMBERSHIP co-chair: Alexandr Korneev

Coordinates and manages membership recruitment and retention program and activities.

PROGRAM (Monthly Events) Chair: Majid Kamel
PROGRAM Co-Chair: Adetola Adeyemi

Coordinates and manages section’s program

COMMUNICATION Chair: Leo Logashov
Coordinates and manages section communication via newsletter .

VOLUNTEER Chair: Savita Deshpande

Coordinates and manages volunteers recruitment and engagement program and activities

Outreach Chair: Savita Deshpande

SPECIAL PROJECTS Chair: Chaitanya Baliga

Project Manages special projects SLC may require to fulfill a section directive

MARKETING Chair: Angela Hashemi

Coordinates and manages section’s marketing program and activities

Voice of Customer Chair: Med Mbarki
Voice of Customer co-chair: Yogini Patel

Coordinates and manages memberships’ VOC program and activities


Coordinates and manages web development and maintenance program and activities.

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