Volunteer Opportunity

ASQ Toronto Section need following volunteers to help to serve the members better:

Treasurer Chair

Volunteer who would like to work with current treasurer Chair with a view to possibly stand for nomination as Treasurer when current chair’s term ends.
Requires someone with an attitude for accounting, however given that quality practitioners perform statistical analysis, anyone who likes to work with numbers can be trained on the ” Quickbooks” software we use.

 Communications Committee Member

Committee member to help in putting together monthly newsletters. Committee member to contact other chairs every month and obtain their items for the newsletter. So, the job  requires mostly communication and organizational skills, punctuality and some knowledge of emailing or uploading files using Dropbox (or any other file sharing software).

Program Team Member

The Program Team plays a vital role in the planning and coordination of programs and events. In other words, our role is that of Event Management: using resources available to deliver events that add value to members.
Programs and events include: monthly meetings, breakfast events/workshops ( minimum of four planned for the year),facility tours, to mention a few.
As volunteers, our mandate is to ensure the events are planned and executed flawlessly to enhance value to members.  At the front level, help is always required in the:

  • Planning of events
  • Prospecting of guest speakers at monthly/Breakfast meeting events
  • Setting up of materials/logistic equipment for events
  • Registration of members at each event ( necessary for the award of units  for re-certification)
  •  Facilitation of the event
  • Collection of payments ( as necessary)

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