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Nov. 15, 2013’s presentation (Nigel Southway, Take Back Manufacturing)

Mar. 12, 2014’s presentation (Gordon Wehner, Overcoming Quality Challenges)

Nov. 29, 2014’s presentation (Aizad Ahmad, Application of Lean Six Sigma Methodology in Banking)

Jan. 14, 2015’s presentation (David L. White, Ultimate Measure of Quality is Customer Satisfaction)

Feb. 11, 2015’s presentation ( Michael Brajac, Learning From Failure: Quality Lessons from 2014–The Year of the Recall)

Mar. 11, 2015’s presentation (Dr. Chaitanya Baliga, Managing Change in an Organization)

Mar. 11, 2015’s presentation (Eric Cheong, Re-Certification Process 2015)

Oct. 14, 2015’s presentation (Tim Renaud, Are you ready for ISO 9001:2015?)

Nov. 11, 2015’s presentation (Lorraine Fraser, Introduction to Lean Manufacturing- Total Productive Maintenance)

Jan. 13, 2016’s presentation (Charanjit Singh Bawa, Creating Lean Leaders in an environment susceptible to change – Lessons from the movies)

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