BOB Cardno Award

The prestigious Bob Cardno Award will be presented in memory of a senior member and director of the ASQ who was the driving force in establishing the present Quality Assurance certificate programmes operated by the educational institutions in the Greater Toronto Area. The courses were designed to cover the ASQ Body of Knowledge and provide students with a well-rounded education in the application and management of quality assurance. Bob Cardno was very supportive in both initiating and teaching at Ryerson University, and an inspiration to the other volunteers preparing and promoting these courses.

This award will be presented at the April Instructors’ Appreciation Meeting to one or more exemplary students. One student may be nominated from each college and candidates must submit a letter outlining their activities in the certificate programme and their personal application of quality principles in employment or volunteer activities. Selection is made by a committee to an established format and who are unaware of the names of the nominees or the colleges they attended.



Bob Cardno Award Process:
Each year the Education Chair shall solicit one recommendation for award from the contact person (college coordinator) at each eligible college.
Candidates must have been attended a certificate from an ASQ recognized Quality Certificate program obtained from one of the community colleges or university within the Toronto Section.
Applications are to be submitted in the format of an Official College Transcript or Grade Reports, along with a letter of application from the candidate stating why he/she is deserving of the award.
Award Presentation
The award shall be presented at the April Instructors’ Appreciation Meeting.

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