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The prestigious Bob Cardno Award will be presented in memory of a senior member and director of the ASQ who was the driving force in establishing the present Quality Assurance certificate programmes operated by the educational institutions in the Greater Toronto Area. The courses were designed to cover the ASQ Body of Knowledge and provide students with a well-rounded education in the application and management of quality assurance. Bob Cardno was very supportive in both initiating and teaching at Ryerson University, and an inspiration to the other volunteers preparing and promoting these courses.

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ASQ Toronto Networking Meetings

Two special networking meetings had been conducted in July. They were held at Centennial College in Scarborough on Wednesday July 15, 2015 and Sheridan College in Brampton on Tuesday, July 28, 2015. Members had the opportunity to network amongst themselves and share their professional job knowledge and advocate the importance of quality in business to the faculty and students of these two colleges. These special meetings were supported by the faculty and students. For more information please refer to the articles and photos submitted by Nisarg Shah, President of Sheridan Students Society for Quality and Ruben Cardenas, President of Centennial Students Society for Quality. Both Mr. Shah and Mr. Cardenas are student members of ASQ Toronto Section.

ASQ Networking Meeting  --- Centennial College

ASQ Networking Meeting --- Sheridan College


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